Healing comes from many different places

Financial Aid

Moonlight Fund actively raises money throughout the year in an effort to support those with financial needs (such as gaps in medical care, rehabilitation services, burial expenses, housing, and transportation needs). Additional services include child care assistance, tuition expenses, and referrals to third party support services. The Fund is open to any request. We do ask that all requests be made in writing by the attending physician, case worker, or qualified rehabilitation or educational facility.

Retreats for Burn Survivors and Their Families

Our retreats are held several times a year at Silver Spur Ranch in Bandera, TX, nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. These 4-day gatherings offer an opportunity for those with recent injuries to spend time with fellow long-term survivors. The retreat provides alternative healing modalities (massage, Reiki, yoga, & healing studio sessions), and emotional support to both patient and family members. The weekend is low key, and a relaxed temporary escape from the medical world; it's a traditional Dude-Ranch experience with horseback riding and true western culture. Retreats are open to all who have suffered a burn injury.

Emotional & Informational Assistance to Patients & Family

Moonlight Fund provides 24/7 access to emotional, financial, and in-kind services. In an effort to provide hope and peace of mind, it’s important for those we serve to know they are not alone in this struggle. Our presence on burn units and rehabilitation facilities is a large piece of what we do. We also are very active in the area of negotiating the costs of ongoing treatment, funeral services, housing, and child care. As part of our commitment to the healing process, we host monthly social groups. Moonlight Fund works with like-minded organizations to secure additional assistance for those we serve.

Home Sweet Home with MLF

We offer home modifications to handicap and wheelchair bound burn survivors. Kitchen and bath renovations, ramps, and lowering of cabinets are just a few of the services we provide. With our Corporate Sponsors & retail partners, volunteer assistance and discounts from local contractors, we now have the capacity to help long after the patient and his family leave their medical environment.

Solicitation and Distribution of In-Kind Goods

This service is provided to those who may have lost household goods due to their accident, (such as clothing, computers, furnishings, household goods and automobiles). We also distribute wound care supplies, and physical therapy equipment to those who cannot afford them following their accident.

Caregiver Assistance

Being a caregiver for someone who has been burned requires empathy and patience. The abilities of the survivor have changed in an instant and depending on the severity of the burns, their independence can be gone for years and the caregiver usually takes on greater responsibility.

Moonlight Fund is there to help. We have volunteers that can help you with those tasks you can’t get to because your attention is where it should be – with your loved one. We can teach you how to take on many of the medical responsibilities. Let us know how we can help you help someone you love.

Social Groups

For a burn survivor the physical pain can be severe, but the anxiety, fear, and emotional torture it causes can be even more debilitating. The other thing to consider is the accident also affects the people who are part of the survivor’s life.

We make sure neither group is alone. We surround them with other survivors, people who have gone through this part of Hell and survived. We can help, with caring people to share the journey and resources to make burn recovery easier. Monthly social groups include activities such as bowling, in-door skydiving, pool parties and movies.