It happens in an instant. A bomb detonates, a pan of grease spills, gasoline ignites. It consumes anything and anyone it its path.

The average length of a hospital stay for a burn survivor is 93 days. However, depending on the severity of injuries, or the physical & occupational therapy needed it can take years for life to resume to some level of normalcy. These are life-changing injuries that effect the survivor in many ways.  In addition to the physical suffering, many times homes and personal belongings are destroyed as a result of fire. Jobs can be lost from extended medical treatments. To make matters worse, many burn patients are uninsured or on government assistance, putting them in a devastating financial situation when physical therapy or psychological counseling is needed the most.

We measure our success… by the lives we touch

Moonlight Fund Inc. was founded in 1998 in San Antonio, Texas, by Celia Belt and fellow burn survivor Henry Coffeen III, the staff at the Burn Unit at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC), and executives at Ernst & Young. It provides financial, emotional and in-kind assistance to burn survivors and their families.  Moonlight Fund has helped nearly 5000 burn survivors and their family members. It is the only organization of its kind, offering services from onset of an injury, through rehab and on into the patient’s and families’ new lives. The organization helps military and civilian survivors in many ways, including paying medical bills, providing financial aid to finish college degrees, building and furnishing homes, and most importantly, providing a support system when it is most desperately needed.

We operate lean so we can help more

The majority of funds raised support programs specifcially designed for the needs of burn survivors, we purposely maintain minimal operation costs. Today, you’ll find Moonlight Fund assisting with everything from wound care supplies, education costs, rehab, counseling, and building of ramps and furnishing homes. These are just a few of the things the fund offers. Original co-founder Celia Belt continues to dedicate her time to the fund. She is supported in her efforts by an active and caring board of directors, volunteers, and a dedicated administration staff.

Helping with the new normal

The instant someone becomes a burn survivor their life and the lives of their family and friends change forever. The Moonlight Fund provides 24/7 assistance to burn survivors and their family members, as well as families who have lost a loved one to a burn injury.  Moonlight Fund addresses the financial, emotional and physical concerns in the hour of need. Moonlight Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.