A Warrior's Heart Never Changes

Even if his body does


Sometimes, we are not who we're meant to be

Until we've been through hell and back... twice

The Need was Great, The support was not

The number of burn survivors in this country is astronomical. Their emotional and financial needs can be staggering. Moonlight Fund was established because there was not enough support for the survivor or their families. It is our goal to provide whatever we can to make life better for these people.

What Caring Looks Like

Burn survivors endure more than physical injuries and financial hardships, many live with deep emotional scars. Moonlight Fund was created to give support. From healing retreats, to financial assistance, to simply lending a shoulder to cry on, we do whatever we can to stand up for survivors and their families.

"I want to say Thank You to the Moonlight Fund for believing in me and helping me to pursue my dreams. This is one of the greatest organizations there is. It helps the great men and women that fight for this country carry on with their dreams after tragedy."


"Moonlight Fund has become part of our family. They have given us emotional and financial support… This organization has blessed us with many things but their love and friendship means the most."


"Moonlight Fund brings burn survivors what is often hard to find or obsolete in non-burn specific, disabled organizations. Celia is so remarkable for the opportunities, the care and the connections that she is bringing to our lives as burn survivors and family members. I hope many others follow her strive!!"

APRIL & MICHAEL LAGE, U.S. Army Do-abled Veteran

"Moonlight Fund has been a godsend to our family! … I can’t thank Moonlight Fund enough for all they do and all they have done!"


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